Commercial solar installations have increased by 487% in the past five years.

Why? Because businesses are constantly seeking opportunities to reduce operating costs. A solar investment provides utility savings and creates long-term energy savings as costs continue to rise, creating a more predictable portfolio for your business.

Commercial entities can also take advantage of the 30% Federal ITC credit that result in a lower tax liability, a five-year MACRS depreciation schedule, and Federal or State grants (as applicable).

Beyond savings, installation of a roof- or ground-mount solar energy system can utilize vacant space for income generation. Many small businesses take the path of PPA agreements with private investors to offset the up-front cost of the solar system, while at the same time capitalizing on savings in their utility costs — resulting in increased operating funds.

Even more importantly, when you install solar, you’re setting a benchmark for other businesses, as well as creating a positive image that you’re securing clean energy and lower costs — for the future of your business and community.