Commercial Calculator

Valley Energy Solar will provide a solar site survey to evaluate location of optimal energy capture.


Valley Energy Solar technician will recommend proper location and size based on objective data measures and energy demand of business


An estimate will then be provided for capacity of system needed for adequate energy savings. Included in the estimate will be the incentives of the Federal Tax Credit, depreciation schedule, energy savings, grant opportunities and financing options. This will give the business owner a true evaluation of out of pocket costs and ability to evaluate benefits of investment.


Obtain permitting, interconnection application, custom engineering of system and product selection to begin installation of solar system if applicable, contractor will obtain all owner information and system engineering reports to apply for available grant programs. These applications vary in length from i5 to 60 pages of project evaluation therefore requiring experience in federal and state grant writing.


Upon completion of installation, contractor will complete all final inspections, interconnection to utility grid, registration with Public Utilities Commission and registration PJM Gats for record of energy production to sell SREC’s for the life of the system. Owner will then receive all product manuals, warranty and service information, and on-site operation instructions.

Am I eligible for tax credits or grants?