Many government entities are facing increasing pressure to reduce their operating expenses and lower their budget. One way they can do this is by taking a close look at their utility costs.

Solar energy systems can be installed in many capacities across various government offices, garages, parks, schools and more. Solar helps to stabilize energy costs for the long term and create an increased operating budget for capital outlay through lower utility costs.

Most government systems are installed via a Power Purchase Agreement, in which a private equity partner owns the system and basically sells the power to the public consumer at a significantly lower utility rate then they’re paying to their current utility provider. This is usually a 10-15 year term — then the owner gives the system to the government entity at little or no cost. From that time on the energy is produced at no cost and eliminates most if not all that they pay to the utility provider, resulting in free energy.

More and more entities are taking advantage of this system as our government strives to set a benchmark of support for renewable energy and our health and environment.