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How much will my solar energy system cost?

The cost of a solar energy system is dependent on several factors. There is no way to give a general answer to this question, but we can tell you some of the factors that enter into the cost of a system.

Energy demand

What do you plan to do with the energy generated by the system? Heat water? Heat or cool a building? Provide electricity for general use? Power an industrial operation? Each of these will call for a different type of system with a different capacity. A careful evaluation process will help determine the best, most cost-effective system for your needs.

Implementation and installation

Before installation of a solar energy system can begin, permitting and other paperwork must be completed. This will involve both the entity within which the project is being erected and the utility company to whom energy from the system will be sold. Then, the system must be designed to meet specific needs. The physical layout of the home or business, the distribution system within it, and many other factors must be considered.


The cost of a solar energy system can be affected in positive ways by the availability of several different financial incentives and offsets. These include Federal Tax Credits, grants and favorable financing options. In addition, energy generated by the system can be returned to the grid, offering additional savings over time.

How much can I save with a solar energy system?